Search engines are great, but you don't get anything special out of them. Sure Google is lightning fast and rarely fails, but there is something more beneficial. You might as well get rewarded for all your searches. That is where Swagbucks comes into play.
          Swagbucks is a search engine website. When you use this site to search you will RANDOMLY be rewarded points known as "SwagBucks". With these newly acquired SwagBucks you can buy things from the online SwagStore. I know it sounds really fake and sketchy, but you can find multiple videos on YouTube confirming its credibility. One of these videos is from TysIphoneHelp, who has over 88,000 subscribers.He is a really popular YouTube celebrity, specializing in anything Apple, so make sure to check him out on YouTube. Click Here to see the video.Or go to his website and support him - http://tysiphonehelp.com/  -Anyway, Swagbucks does work, I recently got e-mailed my $10 PayPal gift card code I ordered. Why not check it out, it's free, easy and quick to do, and can be very rewarding. It only takes 5 minutes and an e-mail address. Go here to sign up. Go for it!
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Search & Win

Tips for Success on Swagbucks

1. Swagbucks Tips -Searching Technique -First you need to understand that you do not get rewarded with Swagbucks every time you search, and searching random keywords over, and over, and over will not win you more Swagbucks. The site keeps track of when you win a Swagbuck and it is very rare to win multiple times in a short period. The best way to win is search at 3 different times a day: Morning, afternoon, night. This way they are split up and you have a better chance of winning more often. However you may not win a Swagbuck on your first search. Sometimes it will take 5-10 searches to get a rewarded. Once this happens stop, and search again later on that day. And it does not necessarily matter what you search, but I have found to have the best luck when searching big name sites like Facebook, Youtube, ESPN, etc.
2. Swagbucks Tips -Promoting - The best way to earn Swagbucks is by promoting. The easiest way is by inviting people to use Swagbucks. If they sign up under your referral link that is GOOD. Not only do they get to start using the site, but every time they earn a Swagbuck for searching, you (the person who referred them) also get a Swagbuck credited to your account. It does not take away from your friend, or hut them in anyway, so it is a win-win situation. So if your friend, who you referred won 10 Swagbucks on a search you would also be rewarded with these 10 Swagbucks. Another way to promote is by using banners. This is only for people who have a access to a website or blog. You can post Swagbucks banners that have a link to your referral page in them. You could also try e-mailing your friends your referral link. Anything works, just refer as many people as possible.
3. Swagbucks Tips -Daily Blog - Another way is to check the dialy blog on the Swagbucks website. Sometimes in the blog their will be "SwagCodes". Sometimes they are hidden other times they are easy to spot. Either way, these codes get you points. You just have to copy and paste them into the "SwagCode" Bar either on the homepage or on your account page. Their value changes, but every buck counts and gets you closer to claiming your prize of choice.
4. Widget - This isn't necessary but it can help. If you get the widget (directions on how to get it on Swagbucks.com) then you can see if there are any valid SwagCodes available. From personal experience, the Widget is not that important it never displayed a code, so it was basically worthless.
5. Swagbucks Tips -Toolbar - Downloading the Swagbucks Search toolbar is a good addition. This way yo uwill always have the Swagbucks search engine at easy access.
6. Swagbucks Tips -Special Offers - If you complete special offers you are rewarded even more Swagbucks. Most of these special offers require giving your credit card number and e-mail address to try out a product or take a survey. When it is confirmed that you have done this you are rewarded. However, there is also a free offer every week. Where you just skip trough a bunch of adds and after about 10 ads you are given a Swagcode that you can turn in for Swagbucks.
7. Swagbucks Tips -SwagBucks Lottery -Once you get a couple Swagbucks you can enter Swgbucks Lotteries. Just as it sounds, you buy a ticket and get a chance to win Swagbucks. This is the fastest way to win big, but also the most risky.
8. Swagbucks Tips -Random - If you search around the website and become familiar with it, you will find even more ways to earn Swagbucks. One example, is turning in your old phones. You can mail them in and you are rewarded Swagbucks depending on the type of phone. Another easy way is to just take a picture of a Swagbuck product you won and post it to your profile. There are other ways, you just have to find them!

Overall, the site is great. It gives you a change to be rewarded for something most of us do everyday: Search the Web. Also, the search engine on SwagBucks is very good. It mainly uses Google results, so you can still count on it to lead you to where you need to get. You might as well try out Swagbucks. You have nothing to lose, and the world to gain.  These are some great swagbucks tips, and if you use them you will be on your way to raking in the SWAGBUCKS.



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